Tim atkin 2020

Monday, 23 de March de 2020

Excellent scores in report Tim Atkin 2020

Our Malbec Gran Terroir 2018 obtained a high score of 90 points

We are very proud to inform you the outstanding results we obtained for one of our wines in the Tim Atkin's Tasting.

This year, our Malbec Gran Terroir 2018 has been recognized with 90 points. We are very satisfied with these results.

Tim Atkin is an award-winning wine writer and Master of Wine with over 30 years experience and a strong international following.

He visits the vinicultural areas of our country every year. In his time here, he tastes more than 1,000 wines and makes an extensive report with scores and recognitions.

He writes for various publications from different parts of the world and he has his own website timatkin.com, which is widely read, quoted and commented on social networks.

We are especially proud with this recognition, and we invite to you to review more information about Tim Atkin at this link: www.timatkin.com